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Welcome to (TNL) The Ninth Legion Guild Website.

My Name is Meldagon – Guild Leader / Warlord of The Ninth Legion.

We the brothers and sisters of the Legion, also known as Legionnaires, are part of a military based raiding guild. We have a set of standards, procedures (SOP) that govern how we play and distribute our wealth (Loots), which can all be found in our rule manual on the above header bar (TNLM).

The Ninth Legion was established seven years ago during the Burning Crusade, and has progressed through many obstacles and expansions, still surviving to this day as one of Alexstrasza’s most productive and respected guilds within the raiding community. This is because we, the Legionnaires, take pride in ourselves and our guild name. Not only are we some of the best players on the server, our guild name has stood the test of time.

This is because as Legion Raiders we understand one thing; our job is to raid end game content and be the best we can be within our class. We know that obtaining gear is not our primary goal - it is the byproduct of what we do. And if a Legionnaire works hard they will be rewarded for their actions and commitment. It is understood by all that we cannot do this alone, but as a united force we can and will conquer all.



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